SmartHalo - Bike smarter

SmartHalo - Bike smarter

A device that stays on your bike at all times, always there when you need it. With no visible screws, it is refined yet subtle, as it merges perfectly with any type of bike. This is the smart biking device you’ve been waiting for.

Get turn-by-turn navigation straight on your handlebar, through an intuitive halo of light. Let SmartHalo guide you towards the quickest and safest routes.
Had a long day and can’t remember where you parked your bike? Our app will remind you its last known location.

At night, it’s good to see and be seen. As soon as the sun sets, SmartHalo's light turns on automatically. When your ride is finished, it shuts down on its own.


SmartHalo’s alarm system automatically deactivates when it recognizes your phone, no need to think about it.
Phone’s out of battery? Tap your custom code to deactivate the alarm.

Feel like surpassing yourself? You can set fitness goals in the app and SmartHalo will display your progress in real time, right on your handlebar.
SmartHalo seamlessly tracks your biking metrics as soon as you start pedaling – no need to press “start” or “stop”. You don’t even need to take your phone out of your pocket.

Price: $199.99
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