Planète Bambou - Ecological Bamboo Toothbrushes

Planète Bambou - Ecological Bamboo Toothbrushes

Planète Bambou toothbrushes are ecological bamboo with a 100% biodegradable and compostable handle! A green alternative to plastic brushes!

When you're done with your brush, since it's important to avoid mixing nylon bristles with your compost, here are 2 options:

> Break the head, throw it, and put the handle in the compost. To facilitate the breaking of the head, we made a small notch at the back of the brush (because the bamboo is surprisingly hard). Like that, no need to take out your saw!

> Remove the hair with a small pliers. But as they are securely attached, this option requires a little more strength. The advantage is that you can put the compost all the bamboo handle.

There are 6 colors: Turquoise, Red, Green, Pink, Yellow, Blue


  • The handle

It is made of a material that is: natural, biodegradable, compostable, quickly renewable, antimicrobial, and leaves only a minimal ecological footprint: bamboo

We use bamboo type MOSO, which is found mainly in the eastern regions of China. This bamboo, although it has several characteristics common to tropical woods, of which its hardness and resistance, is in fact a plant. What makes it famous is the exceptional growth rate of young shoots: the fastest in the world, they can grow from 50cm to 1 meter per day! This makes it a very attractive renewable natural resource. His chances of deforestation are practically nil.

  • Hairs

The quality of our hair is just as good as that of plastic brushes, since it is the same type of material: nylon.

  • Ours packaging

Our packaging boxes are made of recycled cardboard, and are 100% recyclable. Bamboo Quebec toothbrushes. bamboo toothbrush Quebec

  • What about pandas...?

At Planète Bambou, we also love pandas, and we do not want to take away their food source! Be fearless: there is a very wide variety of bamboos, and the MOSO is in no way part of the diet of pandas.

Price for 1 toothbrushe: 4,99$
Price for 2 toothbrushes: 8,50$
Price for 2 toothbrushes for kids: 7,99$

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