Outline Montréal - Electro-Luminescent Mask

Outline Montréal - Electro-Luminescent Mask

Discover a new kind of interactive masks! Made for Art, Technology, Music and Party lovers, our electroluminescent masks Outline the sound of music.


  • Size: 23x24cm
  • Width: 3mm
  • Weight: 89g
  • A black and soft foam makes creates pleasant contact between the face and the mask
  • On / off button on the box, a simple click behind the box turn on the mask
  • A knob on the side of the box is used to adjust the mask’s sensitivity to music
  • One size, adjustable elastic to secure the mask to your face.

Check our collection of sound reactive masks. Each mask reacts differently to the music and creates light patterns with the beat. 





Price: $ 34.99

Want a custom mask ?
Their designers team is dedicated to help you to create a unique mask for you and your brand. Since 2015, they have collaborated with iconic brands, musicians and dancers to create original masks.