Livre Bonne Nuit - A personalized book for your child!

Livre Bonne Nuit - A personalized book for your child!

Just as educational as it is playful, Bonne Nuit (Good Night) helps the preschooler to become familiar with the different physical characteristics of his person. You will see, the surprise is read on the face of the child who is discovering himself as a drawing for the first time!

The story begins when a dodo, a panda and a giant turtle learn that they must wish a child a good night. To find it, they will turn to legendary creatures who each give them an essential clue to complete their mission.

Is it a girl or a boy? What color is his hair? And his eyes?

Once the quest is complete, the three friends can find the child who is about to sleep and arrive just in time to wish him a good night.

Beautifully illustrated and told in a language allowing the child to enrich his vocabulary, Bonne Nuit is the ideal gift for preschoolers!

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1 - Personalize the child who will be at the center of the story

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3 - Receive your book directly at home

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