DRYSNAKE – Self-drying hockey bag

DRYSNAKE – Self-drying hockey bag

DRYSNAKE is a sports bag that allows you to dry your hockey equipment effectively, without taking it out of the bag! Plug it in and you’re ready to go - forget about it until the next time!

The bag takes up little space due to its ergonomic design and all your equipment stays inside until your next game. Just plug in your bag when you arrive at home or at the hotel. The patented ventilation system ensures thorough drying of all your equipment. In addition, each piece of your hockey equipment fits in thanks to the ingenious bag storage system, so you won’t leave anything behind at home!

Goalie with wheels Goalie with wheels
Player Pro with wheels Player Deluxe with wheels

Features of the Drysnake          

  • Equipment dries in just a few hours;
  • Durable bag, easy maintenance and guaranteed;    
  • Deodorizing compartments with fresh cotton fragrance
  • Ergonomic, takes up little space in the house.

Price: from $ 194.99