Dodow – The device that helps you go to sleep!

Dodow – The device that helps you go to sleep!

Dodow is a solution for falling asleep quickly. It will help the people who have a hard time falling asleep as well as those who wake up during the night. Dodow will become your partner in sleep!

It can be described as a luminous box you put next to your bed. This box projects a blue light onto your ceiling. You just need to open your eyes and look at the luminous halo while synchronising your breathing to the pulse of the light.

In other words, Dodow is a new, practical tool accessible to all, which will resolve your sleep problems, whether they are related to stress or anxiety, like the day before an exam, or depression, mental agitation or even pregnancy.

Features of Dodow

To activate Dodow, lightly touch the touch surface.

There are two modes:

  • Touch once for the 8-minute mode;
  • Touch twice for the 20-minute mode.

Then, you just need to breathe in when the light goes on and breathe out when light goes off.

Price: 68.99$