Animus - The hood backpack by AEER

Animus - The hood backpack by AEER

The first backpack that protects you from thieves and bad weather while having style. Be protected any where, any time!

The Animus is a truly unique new product. It balances elegant styling with inventive functionality that minimizes the urbanite’s worries.

Your belongings in the core pocket are protected from pickpockets due to the zipper’s location on the inside face of the bag.

Getting caught off guard by rain will be something from the past with a removable water-resistant hood. If you don’t need the hood, it can be removed and stored in the backpack.

Product Details:

  • Anti pickpocket
  • Waterproof backpack
  • 26 liters storage capacity
  • Ergonomic design to minimize back pain
  • Ajustable hood sizing - waterproof
  • Durable nylon material built to last
  • Super lightweight
  • 5 pockets - hidden pockets

Price: 129.99 $
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