My LabVi Project : Solergy Systems

My LabVi Project : Solergy Systems


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My LabVi Project : Solergy Systems

Published on:
February 6, 2020
Event date:
Thursday, 6 February, 2020 - 18:45

From May to November 2019, our Open-Air Smart Living Lab (LabVi) welcomed entrepreneur Carlos Hernandez and his startup, Solergy Systems, to its open-air experimentation area. We received some news from this friendly entrepreneur a few months after his visit.

Solergy Systems specializes in the design and installation of off-grid solar energy systems. Thanks to LabVi, Solergy Systems was able to test its Solar School Kit under real conditions. Installed in a local building, the team was able to test the system's performance and operating modes, installation procedures and remote monitoring.  The kit uses photovoltaic solar panels, battery storage and LoRa technology. This technology is part of the LoRaWan protocol, which allows the connection of sensors or objects requiring long battery life, in a reduced volume and cost.

The Open-Air Smart Living Lab thus enabled Carlos Hernandez to move from theory to reality.

The company is now entering the commercialization phase. The next step for Solergy Systems will be a pilot project. They are actively looking for a place to install their off-grid solar energy systems to benefit a community. Two NGOs, Wayuu Taya, and ALSI Foundation, are currently seeking funds to make the project a reality, and Carlos Hernandez remains open to any initiative where there is a need for autonomous energy.

Carlos Hernandez and his team are also planning to develop a solar-powered water pump in partnership with the École de technologie supérieure (ÉTS).

"Thanks to the Quartier de l’innovation for the support, visibility and atmosphere! " - Carlos Hernandez, Solergy Systems

Carlos Hernandez during a trip to Haiti as a volunteer for the NGO  Twende Solar.


What is the Open-Air Smart Living Lab?

In 2016, Videotron created Canada’s first Open-Air Smart Living Lab in collaboration with Ericsson, the École de technologie supérieure and Montréal’s Quartier de l’innovation (QI). Located in the heart of the QI, this infrastructure allows for on-the-ground, real-world testing of new technologies designed to improve and simplify the daily lives of Quebecers.

This unique collaboration brings together the expertise, the knowledge and the technology required to implement landmark Smart technology such as 5G and the Internet of Things on a large-scale testing ground. The Lab is also a way for the community, universities, industries and the municipal government to contribute to putting our city at the forefront of the next technological revolution. It is recognized by the Government of Quebec as a Centre of Excellence for Next-Generation Evolved Network and Internet of Things.


My LabVi Project : Solergy Systems